Back to May, a group of water scientists issued a declaration stating that over half the world population would face water shortage by the middle of the century.Given how we just can’t live without the precious fluid, let’s hope we will act. The main causes are known : over-pumping of […]

Majority of Mankind to face water shortage by 2050

We all know that around a billion people are not eating enough and around 1.5 billion do not have access to electricity. But do you have an idea of how many of our fellow human beings are lacking access to proper toilets ? 2.5 billion people, more than a third […]

Bill Gates wants to reinvent the toilets


Here is a smelly question : why are we putting together what Nature separates ? This is the question asked by a Swedish researcher about toilets. Putting urine and feces together is not a good idea as it is simply a waste of resources. Moreover, flushing with liters and liters […]

Here come the toilets of the future