Is global warming causing a cold spring ?

Temperatures in northern Europe and parts of the United States are currently colder than average – see these articles from The Independant, Der Spiegel and the Washington Post. Given this, one can reasonably ask : Did the record Arctic melt triggered this cold winter ? To climatologists, it seems likely as previous studies have shown. … Read more

Climate change to worsen allergies

If a weirder climate, rising sea levels and so on and so forth weren’t enough to motivate us to combat climate change, here is another reason to do so. As Al Gore notes on his blog : “Watery eyes, runny noses and puffy faces will abound this year as a warm winter, human development and … Read more

Record-breaking weather in America and Europe

This is getting truly worrying. To TreeHugger : “The first week of the new year has seen temperatures that are in some parts of the nation nearly 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) higher than average. Which is crazy. “ The situation on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean is similar as The Guardian notes : “The … Read more

Global weirding and warming at my doorstep

I wanted to write about how I am witnessing the weirding and warming climate myself. So far, France has seen an incredibly dry spring with dramatic droughts to the point of endangering many cultures. Then, summer came, with rain, a lot of it. It was one of the rainiest summers I had seen. You would … Read more

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