Many European nations have seen a boom in their renewable energy sources in the past few years. Among them is Spain. Here is the introduction to an article on that topic I wrote for Cleantechies : ” 2013 was an excellent year for wind energy in Spain as this renewable […]

Wind energy was top energy source in Spain in 2013

We have all experienced it : before having hot water at the faucet, cold water arrives. This could be something of the past thanks to a Spanish invention, AquaReturn, which enables its users to save both water and energy. AquaReturn recirculates the cold water around the pipes until the desired […]

Saving water and energy with a single invention


According to TreeHugger, graphene could offer 60% solar cell efficiency if it were to replace silicon in PV panels. As they note : ” Researchers from the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Spain have just published results from their experiments.” ” While their results so far will probably be more […]

Graphene could bring solar PV efficiency to 60%

Dutch windmills performing a ballet

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, investements in clean technologies fell by 11 percent in 2012 compared to their 2011 levels. They still amounted to 268.7 billion USD or over 200 billion euros. These news aren’t all that bad even if this decrease marks the end of a seeminlgy unstoppable […]

Cleantech investments fell in 2012

” What if the European Union solved the triple crisis – economy, energy, environment – by solving the financial one ? Alice Stollmeyer sent me last week a link of project to do just that. “ ” Some European nations – Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal – are owing more and […]

EU countries could pay back their debts With renewables

Here is a new article I wrote for Cleantechies : ” Cities are facing many problems, including the lack of parking spaces and air pollution. Regular electric vehicles would solve the air pollution issue, but not the parking one.” ” This is probably why the (MIT worked on a folding […]

Hiriko, the folding electric car

Here are great news concerning wind energy. To Sustainable Business : ” In 2011, just over 41 gigawatts (GW) of wind capacity was installed, bringing the world total to 238 GW, reports the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). “ ” This represents an increase of 21%, with an increase in […]

Global wind capacity grows to 238 GW

I seldom write about social or economic issues on this blog as I am more prone to tackle environmental ones, and this even if they are part of the sustainable development triptych. But each time I blog about social topics it seems I am watching Rom burn and collapse. My […]

Precarity is another reason for a green New Deal

According to Reuters : ” The world added about 16 gigawatts of new solar photovoltaic (PV) power in 2010, double the growth seen a year earlier, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association told Reuters on Monday.” Out of these 16 gigawatts, Europe is behind the vast majority of the growth with […]

16 GW of solar PV capacity added in 2010

According to Enerzine [Fr] and other sources the Desertec Project is getting international support as several companies from Europe, America and Africa are joining the Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii). The US company First Solar was the first to join in and five more companies from Morocco, Tunisia, France, Spain and […]

Desertec gets international support