To Ecogeek : “ A team of engineers at the University of Illinois have figured out how to create self-healing circuits in electronics and batteries, a discovery that could lead to longer equipment life ” ” As electronics have become more complex, one small circuit failure can render a device useless, especially since it is […]

Engineers discover self healing circuits

I blogged two years ago that CCS won’t solve the climate change problem as it is too risky, too expansive, too little and… too late. Joe Romm, the main contributor behind Climate Progress recently noted : ” There are simply too many unanswered questions for anyone to say today that […]

Too much uncertainty on CCS

I have previously written that the link between extreme weather events and climate change wasn’t clear. It isn’t the case anymore as the latest research from the IPCC proves. As Cleantechies notes : ” A new report says that an increase in heat waves is “virtually certain” as a result […]

Climate change and extreme weather are linked

I don’t talk about food often here. However, with so many starving people around the world, I should talk more about agricultural advances as feeding nine billion people by 2050 will be the biggest challenge ever faced. To Ecogeek : ” A new type of rice (from) the University of […]

Here comes the miracle rice

This is what arises as the Arctic is melting much faster than the IPCC predicted in its report in 2007. ( I had blogged much about their findings during my first year of blogging here) As Climate Progress notes : ” Far from being “alarmist,” predictions from climate scientists in […]

IPCC underplayed the impacts of climate change


Everybody loves chocolate but to TreeHugger : “ The world’s cocoa supply could be in danger from climate change, according to a new study from the CIAT, which says that prices are likely to skyrocket if preventative measures aren’t taken.” ” The report predicts that the expected temperature increase of […]

Climate change endangers chocolate too

This is not surprising as I was blogging about it two months ago. To TreeHugger : ” After several months of reporting near-record or record monthly levels of Arctic sea ice melting, German researchers now report that a new yearly record low has been set.” ” The area covered by […]

Arctic sea ice sets new record low in 2011

Here are some stunning news. To TreeHugger : ” Scientists have just completed the most accurate tally of the planet’s species yet (though the projection still has a pretty healthy margin of error). The magic number?” ” 8.7 million, according to the study, which was recently published in the journal […]

Earth is home of 8.7 million species

To the Independent : ” Climate researchers from Britain, the US (…) have formed a new alliance that aims to investigate exceptional weather events to see whether they can be attributable to global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. ” ” They intend to assess each unusual event in terms […]

Are climate change and extreme weather linked ?

To Climate Progress : ” Is the “Global Weirding” of 2010 and 2011 the new normal? (…) Any one of the extreme weather events of 2010 or 2011 could have occurred naturally sometime during the past 1,000 years. “ ” But it is highly improbable that the remarkable extreme weather […]

A weirder and weirder climate…

This is the title of an interesting article at GreenTech Media. Here are some essential quotes of it : ” Hydrogen. In green technology circles, just mentioning the word is enough to start an argument. “ ” Hydrogen could become a ubiquitous source of electricity and heat, say advocates. Plus, […]

Hydrogen: A dream or delusion?

To CleanTechies : ” According to a new NASA-funded study, Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are losing mass at a much faster rate than previous model forecasts have predicted. “ ” Results suggest that the ice sheets, found only in Antarctica and Greenland, are melting faster than mountain glaciers and […]

Greenland and Antarctica are melting much faster than predicted