WHO : diesel exhausts cause lung cancer

According to the World Health Organization : ” the WHO  today classified  diesel  engine  exhaust  as carcinogenic  to  humans,  based  on  sufficient  evidence that exposure is associated with an increased risk for lung cancer.“ This is a bad news for me as I recently changed for a diesel car and I am amazed at how … Read more

Climate change to worsen allergies

If a weirder climate, rising sea levels and so on and so forth weren’t enough to motivate us to combat climate change, here is another reason to do so. As Al Gore notes on his blog : “Watery eyes, runny noses and puffy faces will abound this year as a warm winter, human development and … Read more

Biodiversity loss is harming medical science

To the UNEP : ” For millennia, medical practitioners have harnessed substances from nature for treatments and cures: aspirin from the willow and, more recently, Taxol – the groundbreaking anti-cancer drug – from the bark of the Pacific yew. Some of the biggest breakthroughs may be yet to come. But this can happen only if … Read more

Climate change is the biggest health threat

According to a new report published by the University College London and The Lancet medical journal climate change is the biggest health threat of our century. As an author of the report said to the Daily Mail: ‘The big message of this report is that climate change is a health issue affecting billions of people, … Read more

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