The deforestation of Amazonian forest is slowing down

According to the Brazilian Environment Ministry, the deforestation of the Amazonian forest have slowed down by 25 percent in Brazil in 2006 from 2005. Mr. Luiz Inacio da Silva, the President of Brazil, stated that preserving the environment doesn’t need to slow the economic growth as the latest statistics showed. I will tackle more in …

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The Green Wall of China

When the Chinese government has an idea, it goes forward fast and in a gigantic manner. So, in order to hold back the Gobi desert – a very important issue for cities like Beijing – the local government decided to plant million trees during the next 70 years. The Gobi Desert, extends itself from Southern …

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On wood

Wood is a great material for many things, ranging from construction material to heat premises. In France, the market is soaring, and this for several reasons. The first thing that is needed to know is that the French forest is growing, approximately 70.000 hectares per annum. The total land covered by forests in France are …

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