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And here is another article I wrote for Cleantechies. This time I wrote about my beloved Ireland – I studied in Dublin for a year – and it is another European leader on renewables. Please make sure to read the full article there.

Ireland is another European leader on renewables

So you thought avoiding climate change by investing massively into cleantech would be bad for economic growth and GDP ? Please pray do read on and share. As Euractiv noted : ” Global economic output could rise by as much as an additional $2.6 trillion (ā‚¬1.9tn) a year, or 2.2%, […]

World Bank advocates climate-smart action and cleantech


This is the amount of people that are currently working in the renewable energy industries according to a recent report from the IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency ) Bioenergy ( everything from liquid biofuels to modern biomass and biogas ) have the largest contingency with 2.5 million people (with 1.4 […]

6.5 million people ( and I )

Here is another article on Cleantechies focusing on another success story, but this time a European one as clean energy sources are pursuing their rise. The energy transition is slowly taking place. Here is the introduction : ” According to official statistics from Eurobserv’ER, 23.4 percent of the electricity in […]

European Union gets 23.4% of electricity from renewables

Cleantechies recently changed hands and got a new design. This makeover is the occasion for them to focus a bit more on contributors. I thus have a brand new author page. It looks great so go and check it out ! Now here is my latest article there, this time […]

Portugal shows leadership in renewable energy


The ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia is an excellent occasion for the European Union to assess its dependence from foreign fossil fuels, especially oil and natural gas from the Russian Federation. As Kees van der Leun noted on his Twitter last week, the EU buys to Russia over half […]

Energy, the European Union and Russia

Here is another opinion piece I wrote for Cleantechies : ” There is a question that currently puzzles me : why is the European Union so unambitious on climate and energy goals ? “ ” We have seen recently that the European Commission unveiled plans to cut carbon emissions by […]

The European union already benefits from renewables