Combined heat and power

I previously wrote on Cleantechies that more aggressive climate policies could save Europe money and that air pollution costs billions to the European Union. Here is another example of how Europe could save money : ” According to a recent study carried out by Euroheat & Power, the international association of […]

District heating and cooling has huge potential


According to the ACEEE * : ” Changes in fossil fuel markets and updates to environmental regulations may result in the retirement of existing coal-fired plants, putting on the order of 40 GW of generation at risk of retirement.” ” The investments required for replacing or upgrading these plants would […]

Replacing old coal plants with energy efficiency


During my daily hours of commute I have been reading for the past two weeks Crossing the Energy Divide by Robert and Edward Ayres. The thesis defended by the authors is simple : Between the world of today with an economy relying on fossil fuels and the world of tomorrow […]

Book review : Crossing the Energy Divide