Four cheap solutions to climate change

Climate change can be fixed by switching from cars to bikes, planting trees in our cities, tapping into energy efficiency’s potential and ditching coal and natural gas for solar and wind. Learn out more in this article.

Crazy air pollution levels in Paris

Last week and earlier this one, the French capital was hit by important levels of air pollution. The situation was so out of hand on Monday that the city of Paris decided to ban half the cars off the roads as TreeHugger reported. According to the local ADEME, France is a severe offender regarding air… Continue reading Crazy air pollution levels in Paris

2014 : reasons to hope

As we are kicking off the new year I believe it would be interesting to offer my readers reasons to hope. Indeed, if climate change and other environmental issues are getting each month more pressing, we are witnessing at least five trends. From renewable energy sources to the carbon tax, from coal funding to greenhouse… Continue reading 2014 : reasons to hope

A great Japanese idea to park bikes

While browsing my RSS feeds, I found on Inhabitat a great idea on how to park dozens of bikes without wasting space in streets. Only eight meters wide and eleven meters deep, a single Eco Cycle parking can store 204 bikes. The Japanese company Giken has installed many of these in Tokyo and around Japan.… Continue reading A great Japanese idea to park bikes

Bike sharing is booming too

Last week I was reporting that biking is booming in cities around the world. Grist wrote about how bike sharing is an essential component of this phenomenon as they are more than 500 cities in 49 countries with bike-sharing programs. Collectively, they represent as many as 500,000 bicycles combined. This just might be the beginning… Continue reading Bike sharing is booming too

Biking is booming globally

I wrote a few months ago that vehicles are getting more and more efficient as efforts are being made in the USA, China and Europe. In the conclusion I was noting that it was good news but that more had to be done in biking among others. It seems to be the case as Courrier… Continue reading Biking is booming globally

Global bike sharing news

I have been blogging here many times over on how biking and bike sharing are great sustainable solutions to fossil fuels depletion, high oil prices, air pollution and traffic congestion. While browsing Cleantechnica in search of great articles to share with you all, I found a blog solely dedicated to bike sharing and the many… Continue reading Global bike sharing news

Bike sharing around the world

I recently read a couple of interesting facts on bike sharing around the world. Since this transportation mean is the epitome of sustainable development I thought I might share them with you. Montreal launched  last week Bixi, the largest program of its kind in North America with 3,000 bikes for 300 stations. In the United… Continue reading Bike sharing around the world

Paris’ bike renting program, Velib

On July 15th, the French Capital city launched an interesting public service that enables people to rent bikes to go from on point to another. This program, called Velib (a contraction of vélo, bike and Liberté, freedom) will comprise by the of the year more than 20,500 bikes dispatched in around 1,400 stations. Velib proves… Continue reading Paris’ bike renting program, Velib