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Here is another post I wrote for Cleantechies. This one is on how renewable energy sources like solar, wind and so on are progressing accross the European Union. I hope you will like it. Here is the beginning : ” According to Eurostat, the share of renewable energy sources in […]

Share of renewables keep increasing in Europe

Never giving up is a state of mind. Persistence might well be omnipotent as the US President Calvin Coolidge once said. As Treehugger reported, a lone Indian man planted a 1360 acre (550 hectares) forest. Since 1979 then 16-year old Jadav “Molai” Payeng have planted hundreds of trees and have created […]

An indian man single-handedly planted a forest

A thousand billion dollars, or if you prefer, a trillion dollar. This is the staggering amount of money you and I are handing out to Big Fossil fuel companies each year by the mean of governmental subsidies. At a time of climate weirding and warming, massive pollutions of our air, […]

It is high time to end fossil fuels subsidies

According to the World Health Organization : ” the WHO  today classified  diesel  engine  exhaust  as carcinogenic  to  humans,  based  on  sufficient  evidence that exposure is associated with an increased risk for lung cancer.“ This is a bad news for me as I recently changed for a diesel car and […]

WHO : diesel exhausts cause lung cancer


I wasn’t planning to write anything about it last week, but the football game opposing France and Ukraine during the Euro was interrupted by torrential rain. This was the first according to commentators. Now, many events related to the Fête de la Musique have been canceled in the North and […]

Climate change probably disrupted popular events

The conference that took place in Rio de Janeiro last week was due to bring a new start to sustainable development. The original event which took place at the place twenty years ago and was a fiasco. Indeed out of the 90 goals outlined at the time, only FOUR have […]

Rio20+ is another missed opportunity


I haven’t brought many good news lately. Likewise, I have blogged little on conservation issues. So please let me present you some good news on conservation, straight from Australia. To the WWF : ” WWF welcomed the new system of marine parks that would now cover more than one third […]

Australia creates world’s largest marine reserve

Two different news regarding China hit the twitterverse on the same day last week. First, the bad one : The People’s Republic’s greenhouse gases emissions may have been underestimated by as much as 20 percent. This huge difference – as much as the annual emissions of Japan, or 1.4 Gt of […]

Chinese emissions are 20% higher than expected

Yes, you read that right. With all the fuss about renewable energies like solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and so on, the energy source that saw its use increase the most recently is the dirtiest of them all : coal. As the BP Statistical Review 2012 reports : ” Coal was […]

The inexorable rise of… coal


India is willing to increase significantly its clean energy output as it is willing to reach 53 GW by 2017. In the next five years it will add almost 30 GW, to be compared to the 13 GW added to the grids in the last five years. As Bloomberg notes […]

India to add 30 GW of renewables by 2017

If you are feeling range anxiety regarding electric cars, rejoice. One of Renault’s electric cars, the ZOE, has been tested for 24 hours and it was able to go for almost one thousand miles (1,600 km) during this period. Of course, it had been recharged nine times, but the ZOE […]

ZOE electric car does 1,000 miles in 24 hours

This is the most important news you’ll read this week. Forget about whatever happened in this weekend’s elections in Greece, Egypts or France. Economies may crash but can recover with time. It’s not the case with the environment. To Nature : ”  the global ecosystem as a whole can react […]

Impending catastrophe : Earth on the brink