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The Poznan conference on climate change ended on Saturday. Due to prepare the Copenhagen meeting – which will bring to light the successor of the Kyoto Protocol – it is a major disappointment. Poor countries are the least satisfied with the results of the talks as developed nations are stepping […]

Why the Poznan conference is a disappointment


Let’s face it, if you live in a large urban area with a decent public transportation system, you don’t really need that much to own a car. Indeed, renting one when you need one would satisfy you. This is why car sharing systems are beginning to appear all around the […]

Less cars in towns with car sharing systems

What if old coal mines could provide us with clean and renewable energy ? No, I am not giving credence to clean coal, I am writing about a great idea a Dutch village had. Heerlen inhabitants thought about repurposing their old coal mine – flooded with hot water – and […]

A brilliant solution for abandoned coal mines

If you let your computer idle while you are away or asleep, you might consider to allow Harvard and IBM to use it to do calculations for the Clean Energy Project, which is part of the World Community Grid. Due to find new ways to create more efficient solar photovoltaïc […]

Help in finding new solar technologies


The three large US automakers are facing huge problems. Meanwhile, many people think their cars would be able to sell better if US cars had better mileage. While driving I had an idea that very topic: increasing the mileage to enable it to reach 50 MPG by 2010 would be […]

An idea of green bailout for The Big Three

I have been for five years a huge fan of solar energies – both photovoltaïc and thermal – and I am still hoping that one day I will have the privilege to work in this booming industry. Today, the UNEP and three CEOs of this industry issued a joint statement […]

UNEP highlights central role of solar


According to Associated Press, China is increasingly aware of the threats of climate change, water crises and air pollution. This is palpable at the current Poznan talks. More willing than ever to cooperate on mitigating the phenomenon, the top greenhouse gases emitter and world’s most populous nation will become greener in […]

China is moving on climate change


After my writing of two articles on renewable energy sources from the oceans in October, here comes VIVACE or vortex-induced vibrations for aquatic clean energy. According to an interesting article by The Telegraph, this prototype could enable us to harness some energy from our rivers and waterbeds around the world. […]

Vivace, another renewable energy source


Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is not satisfied by the lack of attention given to environmental and social issues at the current Poznan talks. I was right in my article on sustainable development, our leaders only think about the economy, the economy and […]

Do our leaders care about the environment?

The European Space Agency (ESA) reported a few days ago that new rifts have developed on the Wilkins Ice Shelf. This could lead to the melting of a lot of ice in Antarctica Since it would take a melting of only five percent of the sixth continent for sea levels […]

Antarctica keeps on melting

I was reporting it previously, the deforestation of the world’s largest forest decreased last year. But it seems that it increased again in 2008, and this albeit the Brazilan government’s ambitious goals. Even if this is a small increase compared to last year – less than 4 percent – this […]

Amazon deforestation increasing. Again

Like every last Sunday of each month, this is time for me to present you my selection of the best pictures of the NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) Like each month, this one was packed with beautiful images and it was very difficult to select just ten. I […]

Great astrophotographies – November 2008