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You think drilling for Arctic oil would be an ugly mess ? Then have a look at the exploitation of oil shales and tar-sands that is already occurring in Canada and the United States. The WWF released a new report on how recovering these difficultly recoverable oil barrels are literally […]

On the exploitation of oil shale and sands…


Even if oil prices decreased during the last weeks – as I write these lines they are around $120 at the NYMEX – there is no doubt they will soar again and reach $200 in the very next months. Since our transportation habits are depending so much on this energy […]

Better Place : an interesting project of hybrid cars


While browsing the many articles published on TreeHugger I came across one that read “The most important report you’ll read this year”. Quite a catchy title for quite important news. According to the Climate Group, the debate over global warming is over as it is occurring and as all developed […]

Breaking the climate deadlock : a great report

What happens when it is Monday evening and you haven’t posted the article you generally publish on Sunday ? Well, it’s easy, you write a quick article. My review of this month’s astrophotographies will thus be brief, very brief. As a matter of fact there won’t be any descriptions of […]

Great astrophotographies – July 2008


If you had a look recently at the sidebar of this blog, you may have noticed that I added a link on what is RSS just next to the subscription button. This sends you to a page featuring a great video by the Common Craft Show. This company didn’t stop […]

A great video on why CFL are fantastic


According to a study released today by the United States Geological Survey, a fifth of world oil and natural gas reserves may be located under the Arctic. This would represent 90 billion barrels of oil and a lot of natural gas. As you can imagine, countries of this region – […]

Arctic oil… Should we drill and burn it ?


You perhaps remember my lengthy article where I stated that cutting by a factor four our carbon dioxide emissions by the middle of this century is feasible. Well, it seems I am not alone thinking this as a team of Minnesota scientists just released a study pointing to the same […]

Decreasing by 80 % US CO2 emissions by 2050 is ...

As the official website was launched today,  I would like to write about this major event in the energy industry. After two years of talks a new giant energy company is born : GDF Suez. The company is the product of the merger of Gaz de France and Suez. The […]

GDF Suez : A French energy giant is born


After the algae bloom come the worries on Beijing’s air quality. To improve this, the local government took a drastic measure : cars will be allowed to drive on alternate days. This measure is due to decrease by up to 60 percent the pollution of the 3.3 million cars of […]

Beijing Olympics and the fear of bad air quality


Since the writing of my Master’s Degree thesis I am fully aware of how insulating housing is a vital part of solving both climate change and energy scarcity crises. By reading a New York Times’ article I learned that halving houses’ carbon footprint in only five years is feasible. This […]

Smart meters lead to smart behaviors


After the Pickens Plan and Al Gore’s presentation which occured last week, I am wondering if both could merge in order to propose America a really comprehensive project. Politics are nice, but too much of partisanship can seriously hurt both people and the economy. I am not alone believing this […]

Could both sides – and plans – work hands in ...


If you don’t read US environmental blogs, you may not know that yesterday Al Gore issued a speech that may become as historical as JFK’s one on sending a man on the Moon. Indeed, the former Vice President proposes to produce a 100 percent of the country’s electricity by low […]

Can the USA get 100 % of their electricity by ...