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Hello and welcome to the brand new version of my blog which brings several improvements in both aesthetic and practical aspects. The first change is the top of the blog that now features Earthrise. I wanted this picture to be part of this blog as it combines my passions for […]

Welcome to the new version of the blog !

According to an official US federal report, climate change will seriously alter the country, and this in many ways such as water and crops growth. This study represents the shift of policy on climate change of the current administration and will probably motivate the next one on tackling climate change. […]

Climate change will have dramatic impacts in the USA


According to the Daily Green, the International Energy Agency is wondering if oil supply can still answer to the demand and is investigating the situation for the first time of its history. In other words, the IEA believes that peak oil may have been reached already. Indeed, with oil prices […]

Did oil production already peaked ?


By reading La Marguerite I came across a very disturbing fact : we throw each month a lot of food. And when I write we, I mean both Americans and Europeans. This most disturbing fact – it concerns between a quarter and a third of the food we buy -occurs […]

How we throw away tons of food

I once wrote that peak oil might push countries to get back to coal. It is already the case as the International Herald Tribune states it in a recent article. Indeed in Japan and the UK, old coal mines are reopening or see their activity increase. This albeit the fact […]

Coal strikes back… globally


This month have been like the previous one, packed with beautiful pictures proposed by the NASA and it’s astronomy picture of the day. You will find in today’s article my selection of the most beautiful photos. They will make you travel from the vincinity of Earth to the infinity of […]

Great astrophotographies – May 2008


According to a new report from the United Nations, the disappearance of both fauna and floral species costs six percent of the world GDP, or more than $3,100 billion. The German newspaper Der Spiegel proposes a recap of the new paper, named The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity So not […]

Destruction of Nature costs 2,000 billion euros per year


Italy has been since the Chernobyl catastrophe a huge opponent of nuclear. However, the newly elected government is planning to get back to using this energy source. This happens as the country depends on 60 percent on natural gas for its electricity, which is a huge problem as prices are […]

Italy to build nuclear power plants

As I am speaking, the crude oil prices at the New York Mercantile exchange are above $130. This occurs only 15 days after oil prices reached $120. This is a strong acceleration in the oil prices increase as previously it took around two months for oil prices to increase by […]

Oil prices above $130

According to two different sources – the UNHCR and the NGO Christian Aid – as much as a billion people may find themselves homeless or stateless by the middle of century. Stateless might be too strong a word, but with the situation of countries like Bengladesh and many islands threatened […]

Over a billion climate refugees in 2050 ?


Last weekend I visited a very nice garden in the Vosges, Les Jardins de Callunes [Fr]. It has the particularity to have been created where a landfill was previously. It is impressive how Nature got back where previously stood waste of all kinds. Will we be able to turn all […]

Turning a landfill into a beautiful garden

I recently discovered a series of a dozen cartoons that have a serious potential to turn both young and older citizens into environmentally responsible ones. Animals save the Planet propose in each very short yet hilarious episode a gesture that is easy to both remember and to do. Step by […]

Animals save the Planet, what about you ?