Marine energies are growing

For today’s post I have gathered latest news on a form of renewables we read too little about : marine energy. Given the astounding potential (240 GW by 2050), I believe it’s safe to say this will change as technologies mature. 

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Marine energy could add up to 240 GW by 2050

Here is my latest post on CleanTechies, this time on wave and tidal energies : “According to a new study by the Carbon Trust up to 240 GW of capacity of marine energy could be installed worldwide by 2050.“ ” Out of these, 75 percent could be coming from wave, and the remainder by tidal … Read more

The potential of tidal power

The New York Times Green blog published a great article about a recent report from IHS Emerging Energy Research on tidal wave. Even if it has been starting very slowly, the energy source could bring up to 10 GW by 2030 globally.

“The global ocean energy sector is at a turning point,” the company’s report says. More than 45 wave and tidal prototypes are expected to be ocean-tested in 2010 and 2011. Only nine were tested in 2009.”

Here is another renewable energy source that could power all our wildest dreams. But as I stated before: we should better rely on several of them as none of them is perfect.

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Scotland to harness 1.2 GW of marine energy

Scotland announced last week that 1.2 GW of tidal and wave energy capacity would be built there by 2020. To achieve this, 10 projects will be started and will be the first commercial applications of these energy sources.

Scotts are determine to have 31 percent of their electricity coming from renewables by 2011 and are willing to cut their greenhouse gases emissions by 42 percent by 2020.

Both tidal and wave energies have a huge potential and would prove very convenient as more and more people are living in large cities near the coasts.

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More data on energy sources from the oceans

Only two days after my first article on the various possibilities of harnessing a part of the tremendous energy from our oceans, GreenTech Media provides us with more on this topic.

This article focuses forecasting the future of this particular market segment. With less than 10 MW currently installed, experts believe installed power could reach a GW in only six years.

As you will see, wave energy is currently the most researched, and this even if tidal power provides serious advantages like an important predictability.

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Various energy sources from the oceans

Oceans are covering up to 70 percent of our planet. Yet, until now we didn’t hear much about their potential for providing us with huge quantities of renewable energy.

But as things are beginning to change as projects are being launched in Europe and in the United States it is time for me to write on this topic.

In today’s article, I will propose you an introduction to the two different possibilities at our disposal as well as a selection of news on this topic.

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Ireland to invest billions on energy

According to The Guardian and Cleantech, Ireland plans to invest 22 billions euros on renewable energies and “smart” and efficient systems over the next 12 years.

Half of this money will be invested in wind, wave and tidal energies and biomass. This is due to cut by half the greenhouse gases emissions by 2020.

An interesting prospect for this country which might set an example for other countries in developed countries

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