Scary climate stories from Asia

While writing my selection of tweets for May, I found three really scary stories about how global warming is already dramatically affecting the most populated continent in the world, Asia as well as its two most populated nations. From the 1,400 dry water reservoirs in central China caused by a five-month drought to the absolutely … Read more

Indian greenhouse gases emissions to triple

india-flag-sunsetThe Indian government announced it on last week and the news spread around the world as to their analyses the country’s greenhouse gases emissions are due to at least triple by the next twenty years.

One might think this is huge, but not that much as the country’s emissions are accounting for five percent of the total when its population accounts for 15 percent.

Indians still emit 20 time less per capita than Americans and six time less than French people. We have to cut our own anyway. One can see this large increase as another reason for fast action.

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350 new species discovered in Eastern Himalayas

We have seen it before, biodiversity is impressively rich in places where Mankind isn’t too much present. Indeed, the WWF wrote in December 2008 that the Greater Mekong is a biodiversity treasure. Now the organization notes : Over 350 new species including the world’s smallest deer, a “flying frog” and a 100 million-year old gecko … Read more

Decreasing amounts of snow in the Himalayas

himalayaOne of the most worrying consequences of climate change is the decreasing amounts of snow. At the end of winters, snow melts and  thus brings water to billions people during the drier seasons.

Thus the snow of the Himalayas brings water to nearly 1.5 billion people, a quarter of Mankind. As climate change increases dramatically in Asia, there is less and less snow, and thus water.

Today’s article will bring you data on this fact and how the phenomenon is increasing. I wanted to investigate this after Al Gore’s speech in Poznan.

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