We should all partake in the Green Economy

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I have been convinced for years now that the only solution to our current global triple crisis – massive unemployment, climate change, peak oil – is the Green Economy. The UNEP and many NGOs have reinforced this strong belief.

Cleantech is already a reality as $260 billion were invested last year alone, and it is only the beginning as the UN declared this year will be the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

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Forests at the heart of World Environment Day

I generally try to stick to current topics and news but couldn’t blog about this year’s World Environment Day, which took place on Sunday. This year the UNEP wanted to emphasize the importance of forests. As I read on the UNEP Facebook page :  “The theme of World Environment Day this year, “Forests: Nature at … Read more

Today is World Environment Day

June fifth is important as it is the World Environment Day (WED) and my sister’s birthday (Joyeux anniversaire !). But since you don’t care that much about one event let’s talk about the other…

The WED is one of the main opportunities for the United Nations Environment Programme to promote environmentally friendly behaviors and climate change mitigation.

This year it launches a campaign called ” Kick the habit ” which shows that cutting our carbon dioxide emissions is not that hard and can be done in a variety of ways.

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