The importance of good insulation

The building I live in (Google maps)My current apartment in Valenciennes – Northern France – is located in a recent building (2000). And far from me the idea of bragging, but until temperatures dropped below zero (Celcius) I almost didn’t not use my electric heaters.

My flat has double glazing windows and quite well insulated thick walls. The thermometer located in my flat indicates 19°C indoors while we are nearing zero outdoors, and this with little to no heating.

This is empirical proof that good thermal insulation – or weatherproofing – not only works but also saves a LOT of money as you just use little to no heating.

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A $370 billion idea for European buildings

Here we go again with a brand new article on Cleantechies. This time, we focus on one of my favorite topics : insulating buildings with a new study on the very matter. Here is the introduction : ” According to a new study presented by the Renovate Europe Campaign, weatherizing European buildings in an important … Read more

A zero-interest rate loan for housing renovation

green-houseFor my 500th post on this blog, I would like to bring you good news. The decision taken last week within the Grenelle de l’Environnement is a huge leap forward towards sustainability of housing.

Indeed, the French government will launch in April an eco loan of up to 30,000 €  ($37,600) with no interest rate to increase the use of thermal renewable energy sources and of energy conservation.

The energy and environment Minister Jean-Louis Borloo expects heavy renovations to go above 400,000 per year, to be compared to the current 40,000.

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