Global warming close to becoming irreversible

To Reuters : ” The world is close to reaching tipping points that will make it irreversibly hotter, making this decade critical in efforts to contain global warming, scientists warned on Monday. (…) As emissions grow, scientists say the world is close to reaching thresholds beyond which the effects on the global climate will be … Read more

Freezing temperatures are due to global warming

With current outdoors temperatures below the freezing point in large parts of Europe, it is easy to think that climate change is either a hoax or that it will be most welcome as it would get us rid of those patches of ice on the roads.

This won’t be the case as the Independent reports : “The bitterly cold weather sweeping Britain and (…) Europe has been linked by scientists with the ice-free seas of the Arctic, where global warming is exerting its greatest influence.”

This is another example of climate change’s influence on weather extremes, and thus another reason to tackle the problem before it really gets out of our control.

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Russia is warming at double the world pace

According to RIA Novosti – the Russian state-owned news agency – quoting the local emergencies ministry : ” Temperatures in Russia in the past century rose at twice the rate of warming in the rest of the world “ The article goes further : ” (…) In addition, as compared to the 100-year trend, the … Read more

Global weirding, or the climate gone crazy

I heard that term before as extreme events are unfolding. But two contributors of the Huffington Post believe that what we are witnessing this summer – fires in Russia, floods in Pakistan, heat waves in America – is a sign of global weirding. And they make quite a point as in a few weeks, so … Read more

Extreme weather events are occurring worldwide

cyclon.jpgAs I mentioned it previously in this article, in January the UK Met Office forecast that 2007 would break all-time records on a meteorological point of view.

By reviewing the data available with the first months of the year, it seems to be absolutely the case. This is what the United Nations revealed via one of their agency.

In one of its press release yesterday, The WMO (World Meteorological Organization) tackled extensively this issue and the findings are food for fought and worrying.

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