Why tackling food waste is so critical

Wasted food is a serious problem around the world as to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, ” Each year, 30 percent of global food production is lost after harvest or wasted in shops, households and catering services.”

Food waste : a HUGE issue

According to a new study by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers “Between 30 and 50 percent of all the food that’s produced on the planet is lost and wasted without ever reaching human stomachs.” Treehugger wrote a compelling article on how this is such a huge and awful waste as there are still hundred of… Continue reading Food waste : a HUGE issue

French people waste food too…

The French TV channel France 5 dedicates a week to food waste [Fr]. This is due to sensitize people as French people throw away a staggering 21 percent of the food they buy. What a shame ! This amounts to six million tonnes of wasted food, up to twenty kilograms per year per person. Supermarkets… Continue reading French people waste food too…

The United States is a food wasteland

This is the catchy title of an article GOOD recently published. It is not entirely new to me as I previously wrote about it, but the data provided there undoubtedly has to be shared. Here goes the beginning of  the article : ” When it comes to food, Americans are the undisputed champions of one… Continue reading The United States is a food wasteland