Al Gore’s optimism on climate change

Al Gore did it again in another TED Talk in the end of last month. In 20 minutes he managed to show how critical our climate situation is but also brought a lot of optimism as solar and wind are beating all past predictions on how fast and big they are growing.

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Largest Waste-to-Energy plant to open in China

After reducing our trash at the source and composting and recycling what can be, waste to energy is a good way to avoid landfilling while producing both heat and electricity. China is thus turning to this solution to answer its most pressing challenges.

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Turning trash to gold : global waste market to double

A landfill signAccording to a leading American bank, the global waste industry could double to $2 trillion by 2020. This is due to as Business Green notes to ” the combination of urbanisation, looming resource shortages and environmental regulation “

This takes into account municipal and industrial waste management, recycling, waste-to-energy and sustainable packaging. Europe is seen as facing the “toughest strategic challenges ” while Asia and Latin America see the fastest growth.

Opportunities are due to abound in waste management, waste to energy (WtE), wastewater and sewage and recycling among others.

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Is waste to energy a good idea ?

waste-to-energy-wall-street-journalThere is a lot of buzz going on about waste to energy as many cities are thinking about it. Meanwhile, a CleanTechies’ member started a most interesting series on the matter and one of my follower on Twitter wonders if it should be supported.

Personally I think we should reduce, reuse and recycle first – and compost as well, of course. But what of the remaining stuff ? Can we just put it in landfills or should we burn it in the cleanest way possible to answer our energy needs ?

The answer is not that evident as older waste to energy technologies were heavily polluting and as greenhouse gases emissions are still a problem.

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