Announcing our Kickstarter campaign

I have the pleasure to announce you all that the biogas project I have been working with classmates this summer is now being funded on Kickstarter. After working in Colombia on large scale biogas projects, I have been lucky to work for the past three months with classmates from Pinchot University, Srirup Kumar and Joe McNulty, on a small scale biodigestor.

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Turning trash to gold : global waste market to double

A landfill signAccording to a leading American bank, the global waste industry could double to $2 trillion by 2020. This is due to as Business Green notes to ” the combination of urbanisation, looming resource shortages and environmental regulation “

This takes into account municipal and industrial waste management, recycling, waste-to-energy and sustainable packaging. Europe is seen as facing the “toughest strategic challenges ” while Asia and Latin America see the fastest growth.

Opportunities are due to abound in waste management, waste to energy (WtE), wastewater and sewage and recycling among others.

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How Germany recycles and reuses its waste

What struck me during my two stays in Germany is that recycling was already pretty important in everyday lives. Indeed, the country is already recycling or reusing 70 % of its waste. (the proportion in the United States is of only 33 %.) explains how the country achieved such a performance : “In 1996, … Read more

Freshkills Park, and what it can teach us

While traveling at 220 km/h in the TGV between Nancy and Paris I read about the Fresh Kills landfill and how it became a beautiful park in Staten Island. This is a continuation of my previous post, Turning a landfill into a beautiful garden.

Indeed Courrier International proposed last week the translation of the full article from The Ecologist on how what was considered as the world’s biggest landfill became “a bird-watcher’s paradise”

This article really made me think about what we can – and should – do about our planet’s landfills. As we will see, this would be a win-win-win project.

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