” Plant, baby, plant ” Episode 3 : Plant for the Planet

Plant for the planetThis is the third and final part of my ” Plant, baby, plant “.  After delving on agroforestry and urban forestry and their respective merits, I am finishing with the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign and its successor.

After reading the first two articles, you might be more than willing to plant trees. It is time for you to join Plant for the Planet Foundation, the global organization succeeding to the Billion Tree Campaign.

This have been since its beginning in 2006 a tremendous success as each times goals had been set, they had been exceeded.

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UNEP : Twelve billion trees have been planted

Yes, you read that right : twelve (12!) billion trees have been planted within the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign. The landmark was reached in November in Kenya. (Was it an homage to Wangari Maathai ?) To the official website : ” China is the leading participating country, having planted a total of 2.8 billion trees under … Read more

The legacy of Wangari Maathai

You might not have read this name before, and this despite the six times it has been featured on my blog but Wangari Maathai – who died on Sunday at the age of 71 – was a famous environmentalist, well-known for her Green Belt Movement.

This is also why she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 and why she was considered by many a role model. I personally quickly got to know her tremendous work on planting trees and empowering women in her home country, Kenya.

The environmental cause has lost one of its most important leaders. Similarly, the African continent has lost one of its best spokesperson, but I am sure many others will step up to continue her causes. 

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The Billion Tree Campaign is a huge success

plant-for-the-planet-logoThe UNEP Billion Tree Campaign‘s goal was to plant seven billion trees before the Copenhagen meeting in December. To today’s news the goal was reached as China planted 2.6 billion trees to support the campaign.

This shows at least two things : when China starts on something, it is unstoppable. The country’s efforts on climate change mitigation and pollution reduction are each day bigger.

Second message : people around the world are more than willing to mitigate climate change. This is an important message for our representatives meeting this week in New York.

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Toward seven billion trees planted by the UNEP ?

You perhaps remember the enthusiastic article I wrote last December on the UNEP programme that enabled to plant over a billion trees.

It was such a tremendous success – two billion trees were planted in 18 months – that this institution wants to plant one tree per person on this planet : seven billions !

This represents to me a huge project that might actually save us from climate change, or at least seriously slow down the process.

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Over a BILLION trees planted in a year !

amazon_forest02.gifAnother good news on the climate change front as over a billion trees have been planted according to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) since last year.

Worldwide, people of all conditions planted trees in order to mitigate global warming. This is a strong message to the leaders of the world that are meeting in Bali.

Since I read recently several articles on forests, I will into details on this most important topic and how they are important for us all.

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The Grenelle, a French green revolution

Yesterday in Paris took place what will perhaps be remembered as the green event of the decade in France.

The President Nicolas Sarkozy detailed in a 30-minute speech a very ambitious plan that concluded weeks of discussions on environmental causes within what is called here Le Grenelle de l’Environnement.

From transportation and housing to electricity generation and biodiversity, all major topics were tackled and dramatic shifts toward sustainability will occur everywhere.

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Nobel Peace Prize 2007 goes to the IPCC and Al Gore

Today’s major event is the Nobel Peace Prize, which goes to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and to Al Gore, for their tireless work on raising the public awareness on man-made climate change.

This recognizes in perhaps the best possible way that global warming has to be fought against.

The Nobel Committee was particularly struck by (t)heir efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change.

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On July 31st, ten millions of trees were planted in India

india.jpgAs I mentioned it there, the Chinese government is planting billion of trees. It seems that similar projects are under way in India and elsewhere.

According to the United Nations Environment Program more than 10 million trees were planted on July 31st by 600,000 people in Uttar Pradesh.

As deforestation accounts for a fifth of current anthropogenic greenhouse gases emissions, it is worth talking about such an ambitious plan.

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