Latin America moves forward on renewable energy

Latin America seen from spaceWhile I write mostly about the United States, Europe or China, a lot is happening in other regions of the world. An example of this is the growth of renewable energy sources in Latin America.

Lately, I have come across a few large projects in this region. In Chile, a 300 MW solar project worth $600 million (430 million euros) was just approved by the local government as PV Tech reported in late February.

In January 2014 alone, the country added no less than 186.3 MW of renewable energy capacity, leading the total capacity to 1,298 MW. As one can see, the market is booming there.

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Renewables are – nearly – competitive

Oh the irony ! As you know, fossil fuels are heavily subsided. I have written a few articles here on how ending those subsidies would be a major boost to renewables. Well it seems they don’t quite need it.

As Bloomberg notes : “Wind in some cases already is, or can in coming years, be fully cost-competitive with fossil fuels,” (…) “Fossil-fuel prices will continue to rise, and that increases the competitiveness of new technologies.”

” We are preparing the whole industry for getting off the subsidy-need.” So, are we just keep on giving money to dirty filthy solutions just so they can keep on polluting our air, soil and water ?

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