Climate change’s influence in the Middle East

I particularly like Thomas L Friedman’s articles on climate and environmental issues. His book, Hot, Flat and Crowded is still one of my favorites. Now here comes a little gem of how climate change is wrecking even more the Middle East.

His article starts with these words : ” In the 1970s, I got both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in modern Middle East studies, and (…) at no time did environmental or climate issues appear anywhere in the syllabi of my courses.

” Today, you can’t understand the Arab awakenings — or their solutions — without considering climate, environment and population stresses. “

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US Army to spend $7.1 billion on renewables

Yes you read that right : the United States Army will spend $7.1 billion (around five billion euros) on renewable energy sources during the next ten years. The goal is to have 25 percent of renewables in their energy mix by 2025. As GreenTech Media notes : ” Secretary of the Army John McHugh today … Read more

Armies thinking about a post-oil world

While browsing CleanTechnica I found an interesting article on peak oil. According to a leaked military report from the German Bundeswehr, peak oil will occur this year and the consequences will be dramatic.

Among them are market failures and tremendous risks for democracy itself. As Cleantechnica notes it is unlikely that any nation would be unaffected by such crises. “ This is not exactly encouraging news.

Meanwhile, the US Army is also thinking about the risks of peak oil and may stop completely using this energy source by 2040.

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How the US Army is going green

US-Army-in-IraqEven if I knew thanks to Thomas Friedman and his book Hot, Flat and Crowded that the US Army is willing to outgreen its opponents, I found more information in an article from the New York Times.

The US Army is willing to cut its energy and water to decrease the risks inherent to their transport. This means saving lives, natural resources and money. And this even without mentioning climate change mitigation.

Here are a few ideas it is putting in place: energy saving by insulating tents, low carbon energy from waste, recycling water and alternatives fuel made of algae for jets.

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