21 countries decouple economic growth from emissions

21 countries from Austria to the United States have cut their greenhouse gases emissions while growing their economies in the past 15 years. This proves that decoupling economic growth and greenhouse gases emissions is feasible. 

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Cleaning up the oceans from plastic is possible

As I stated this summer in a previous article, we could clean up our oceans from plastic. Better, we could do it in a few years. That’s what Boyan Slat, a 20-year youngster from the Netherlands believe.

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Global CO2 emissions increase slowed down in 2012

Climate change newsWhat better kind of news than good ones ? So let’s start this month of November by something that will cheer you up as the fight against climate change and rising temperatures may well soon be reaching a turnaround moment.

To a brand new report from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, global carbon dioxide emissions increased in 2012 by only 1.4 percent, which is less than half the average over the last decade.

These great news can be explained by more renewable energies, a shift towards less fossil fuel intensive activities and an increase in energy efficiency.

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Repairing : make it do, make it last

With the economic downturn, it seems more and more people around the world are willing to throw away the throwaway economy we are living in. Repairing our gadgets and possessions is getting more important.

In the Netherlands, up to twenty repair cafes have opened ” a place you take your old, broken-down items, buy a cup of coffee and get your things fixed so that you can continue using them.” as Triple Pundit reports.

It is a great success. Meanwhile, Treehugger proposes – after a really lenghy introduction, a way to help tame your need of the latest gadget.

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A creative idea for the plastic in our oceans

I don’t know if this the most interesting or the craziest idea I came across this year : WHIM Architecture outlined a plan to create Recycled Island which would collect plastic in our oceans and use it to build an Hawaii-sized island. On top of cleaning our oceans from all this mess this project could … Read more

Recycling by the numbers

The New Ecologist proposes a series of interesting figures on recycling. Here are some of them : The recycling industry is worth $160 billion and employs globally 15 million people.

Recycling aluminium needs only five percent of the energy needed to mine and refine the same quantity of new aluminium. The top 5 recycling countries are Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway.

20 million tons of electric waste are thrown away each year. One ton of scrap from discared computers contains more gold than can be produced from 17 tons of gold ore.

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