Fighting the drought, water efficiency in California

For our Economics classes at Pinchot last year, I – with a few friends and classmates – worked on water in California. My part was focusing on the inefficiency and the leaks occuring in the State. The findings are quite unsettling.

The environmental cost of a home swimming pool

You know it if you have been reading this blog : I really enjoy swimming. This brings me to writing another pool-related article, this time focused on the ones in our backyards. TreeHugger indeed bpublished an article on their impacts. Between the consumption of chemicals, water and energy, residential swimming pools have a large environmental… Continue reading The environmental cost of a home swimming pool

A swimming pool heated by waste energy

I really like swimming. So, twice to thrice a week I go swimming at the Lons-Le-Saunier Aqua’ReL center (pictured left). Opened in 2007 it was built with sustainable development in mind and comes with plenty green features. Energy efficient, it is heated by the local waste-to-energy plant. Additionally, part of its electricity comes from 30… Continue reading A swimming pool heated by waste energy

Natural swimming pools

You perhaps don’t know it but swimming is by far my favorite sport. This is to the point that I seriously consider having one day my own pool to daily swim a kilometer of breaststroke. One of the problems faced by swimming pools – besides using a lot of water, an increasingly scarce resource –… Continue reading Natural swimming pools