Europe goes fast forward on climate

Over the past few weeks I collected a series of news on how the European Union is going fast forward on climate change. One can expect emissions will keep on decreasing in the near future, and this albeit the fact they are already 23 percent below their 1990 levels. 

Wind power progresses in Northern Europe, slash coal use

Scientific American recently published an article on how coal and gas fired plants are closing in Northern Europe as wind power progresses and cut electricity prices. This trend has repercussions in Baltic countries.

Six countries to cooperate on climate

This is not as good as it should be as carbon dioxide is not tackled, but this new initiative might help us in mitigating climate change in the short to medium term and improves health of million of people. According to various sources, the United States, China as well as other countries are willing to… Continue reading Six countries to cooperate on climate

Countries with more than 30 percent of nuclear

Further to the catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan, the Christian Science Monitor wrote an interesting article on the ten countries relying for more than 30 percent on nuclear for their electricity. As they put it : ” As dependent as Japan is on nuclear power, 12 nations are even more reliant it, according to the World… Continue reading Countries with more than 30 percent of nuclear

Europe goes forward on energy

I found during the past few weeks news showing that Europe is investing more and more in solving the climate / energy equation by using various solutions : energy efficiency, smart grids and renewable energies. Here are some examples : Sweden pledged this week for the installation of 2,000 wind turbines by the year 2020… Continue reading Europe goes forward on energy

More and more support for nuclear

Times they are a-changin’ sung Bob Dylan. This is true as after years of despisal more and more people – even environmentalists  previously against such solutions – support nuclear as a way to avoid dramatic climate change. This became apparent as Sweden stated it won’t stop as planned its nuclear plants next year and will… Continue reading More and more support for nuclear