Latin America moves forward on renewable energy

Latin America seen from spaceWhile I write mostly about the United States, Europe or China, a lot is happening in other regions of the world. An example of this is the growth of renewable energy sources in Latin America.

Lately, I have come across a few large projects in this region. In Chile, a 300 MW solar project worth $600 million (430 million euros) was just approved by the local government as PV Tech reported in late February.

In January 2014 alone, the country added no less than 186.3 MW of renewable energy capacity, leading the total capacity to 1,298 MW. As one can see, the market is booming there.

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Cover crops are the future of sustainable agriculture

A mere two weeks ago I was in a middle of a field with my dear uncle Christophe. He was explaining me how he is planting cover crops in some of their fields to cut fertilizer and pesticides use as well as protecting the Environment.

Now, back to present days, I read a long and fascinating article by Tom Philpott  – for those who grew up in a farm and/or are interesting in agriculture – on the many other benefits of this practice and how it is being promoted in the United States.

Cover crops provide so many advantages over current farming practices that it has to be hoped it will become common practice globally in the next decades.

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” Plant, baby, plant ” Episode 1, Agroforestry

Agroforestry in FranceToday I am starting a series of articles about planting trees. Here we shall focus on agroforestry, next week we shall delve on the benefits of urban forestry and to conclude, in two weeks, we shall have a look at the Billion Tree Campaign.

If some have “Drill baby drill” as their motto, I think climate hawks and other climate concerned citizens should adopt “Plant, baby, plant” as theirs. Indeed, unlike drilling, planting trees really can be done everywhere.

Trees provide a valuable climate mitigation strategy that can be done by everybody. It has both local and global advantages. This series of posts will have a look at the local advantages.

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