Books on sustainability, energy and climate

Ever since I first started interesting myself to energy and climate and afterwards to sustainability issues – somewhere around 2004 – I have read and reviewed quite a significant amount of great interesting books. If the previous version of this website offered at the bottom of each page a randomized selection of these reviews, the … Read more

Wortth an article – my December 2011 tweets

I know, I am way late on this one. But here is my selection of most important tweets for December 2011. There are so many great articles there you have enough to read for the next weeks.

This is why I keep on using  Twitter. I believe it offers a good complement to this website. So if you are on Twitter and like this selection, don’t hesitate to start following me.

Hopefully I won’t be late for the selection of tweets next month. Nota : the layout is broken. Nonetheless, the tweets are readable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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A reflection on CFLs and leaving them on

I would like to share with you some personal experience on energy efficiency and sobriety as I got back for a few days to visit my parents. I then noticed my dad has the bad habit of letting some CFLs on.

I told him that this really wasn’t good for their purse and our common planet. I also reminded him that leaving lights on in empty rooms is just pure waste since nobody benefits from them.

His answer was that since they consume very little energy and this is thus absolutely not a big deal. Is he right ? Or am I ?

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Another awesome reflection on sustainability

Triple Pundit published a great reflection on why we – as a global society – need to become more sustainable. Particularly targeted at average people who haven’t environmental issues in mind, it does an awesome job.

Enunciating compelling arguments on population, education, natural capital, energy dependence and economy, I believe this is the kind of text you can give to your friends and relatives who don’t see the point in acting on climate change.

I propose you in today’s post the best arguments. Keep them in mind when you begin an argument with people who refuse to see we are facing a triple crisis.

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Twice the energy, half the emissions…

This is the title of the first article published on a new blog dedicated to energy issues launched Friday by the UK newspaper The Independent. Titled New Energy Future, it is already in my RSS aggregator and should be in yours too.

The blog begins with a great albeit short video introduction by David JC McKay (left), Professor of Physics at the University of Cambridge and author of Sustainable energy – without the hot air.

” Twice the energy, half the emissions “ sums up perfectly what we should be working on in the next four decades. The task seems daunting but we can do it.

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