Large cities are determined to fight climate change

If countries and nations are failing short in acting on climate, big cities around the world are increasingly acting on these matters. This has been particularly apparent in the New York summit last month. 

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When the weakest work the hardest on climate

Climate Progress published an article on how developing countries are more moving on climate change than developed, when the latter are responsible for the largest share of emissions…

This is completely crazy and sad at the same time. As they note : ” The countries that have made the smallest contribution to climate change may be doing the most to address it.

” That would be Robin Hood in reverse — compounding the fact that we are all reverse Robin Hoods, maintaining our wealthy lifestyles by robbing our children of a livable climate and truly sustainable wealth”

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Europe could slash emissions by 40 percent

A joint report by Friends of the Earth Europe (FOEE) and the Stockholm Environment Institute shows that Europe can cut its greenhouse gases emissions by 40 percent by 2020. This is not entirely new or surprising as the UK pledged for 34 percent cuts and as Europe could go as far as 30 percent. What … Read more

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