Five fruits and vegetables a day keeps the doctor away

There has been for quite some time a big communications campaign in France promoting eating at least five fruits and vegetables a day. While this might sound hard, it is actually very easy once you have gotten some key healthy habits.

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Opinion : should we really all eat insects ?

Eating insectsWhile browsing the various sources I follow on Tumblr, I found an article that quite caught my attention : 7 insects you’ll be eating in the future. The article explains the nutritional values of bugs and how some experts believe we’ll have to resort to this.

While I am fully aware that people from several regions of the world do eat insects – caterpillars in Africa, grasshoppers in Mexico… – I am not quite sure that most people from the Western world would eat such kinds of food.

Neither am I sure that we actually would have to resort to this to feed ourselves. Solving some of our more urgent problems would have much bigger impact.

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Prepare yourself ! Climate resilience

prepare yourselfSome people prepare for Judgment Day, some others for a Zombie apocalypse. A few prepare for an alien invasion or when their government will start going dictatorship on them. I won’t discuss here these eventualities.

However I seriously advise you to increase your climate resilience. With a warming and weirding climate, as well as with increasing resource scarcity,  all kinds of disruptions are due to occur sooner rather than later.

This is why the first step is to slash the amount of resources you use. Whether we are talking about basic commodities or gizmos and gadgets, consuming less is always a good idea.

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Staying slim is good for the environment

Obesity has Da Vinci would have seen it ?These are the conclusions of a recent study carried out by two specialists from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

This was the topic of an interesting article my dad sent me on how obesity is bad for climate change. That’s right, on top of endangering the patient itself, obesity endangers the whole planet.

Indeed this medical condition means that more food is produced to answer the demand as well as more greenhouse gases emissions as cars are more used.

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