Major company to stop deforestating Indonesia

Deforestation in IndonesiaTo the Agence France Presse : The world’s third-largest paper producer Asia Pulp and Paper said Tuesday it had stopped using logs from Indonesia’s natural forests, after fierce campaigning by green groups against the company.”

” The firm has in recent years lost packaging contracts with big brands such as foodmaker Kraft and Barbie’s Mattel after Greenpeace accused APP of clearing carbon-rich forest, home to endangered Sumatran tigers and orangutans. “

These are truly good news. We have seen time and again that deforestation in Brazil is at its lowest levels in decades and keep on decreasing.

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Ongoing floods in Thailand to cost billion

It seems global weirding is indeed taking place. While there are huge droughts in Texas, Thailand and its capital city, Bangkok are witnessing their largest floods in decades. As the Guardian reports : ” Thailand is used to floods in monsoon season, but this year’s are the worst for more than half a century. They … Read more

Could aquaculture be a sustainable solution ?

As the New York Times notes aquaculture might be a good solution to avoid the depletion of fish stocks and thus be a sustainable way to feed the billion of people that will be born this century. However fish farming poses several problems such as diseases, water pollution, heavy antibiotics use and also may harm … Read more

Family planning in Thailand

I really like TED talks as they always provide great insight and ideas on countless issues. This week, Mr. Mechai Viravaidya explains how his country – Thailand – went from 7 children per family in 1974 to about 1.5 today.

Similarly, the programs succeeded in fighting HIV/AIDS as no less than 7.7 million lives were saved between 1991 and 2003. Those are tremendous results that would interest many poor nations around the globe.

Since curbing population growth is important to avert climate change, I believe Mr. Viravaidya – also known in his country as Mr. Condom – should spread…

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The Greater Mekong is a biodiversity treasure

map-mekongAccording to a recent news by the WWF, the region of the Greater Mekong (left)  is a biological treasure trove, as it enabled to discover more than a thousand new species in only ten years.

Nonetheless, all these species are threatened by economic growth and the lack of environmental protection in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries of the region.

This has to change as I noted earlier, we have to protect Nature as it is protecting us. To read out more on this topic, see you after the jump !

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