Third generation of PV panels on the way

solar_pv.jpgMy Belgian friend Qat recently wrote on his blog an interesting article on the forthcoming generation of photovoltaïc captors.

These new solar technology is due to have a yield of 40 percent, a huge improvement as the current ones have a yield of “only” 17 percent.

This news was originally reported by the magazine of a Norwegian university. I will go here more in depth as this will certainly make solar PV more interesting as it is nowadays.

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In 2006, solar thermal progressed steadily in the EU

solar_thermal.jpgAccording to EurObserv’ER, an organism from the European Union, solar thermal energy saw its demand grow by no less than 44 percent in 2006 in the European Union.

This represents more than three million square meters of panels installed in a year.

Huge differences occur between countries. For instance, Germany lead this increase by installing nearly 1.5 million square meters of panels. France comes second with 300,000 square meters.

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California : a climate change example

usa.jpgLast week, the French weekly Challenges translated a very interesting article from the magazine The Economist. It handled the climate change approach of the most populated US State with its nearly 36 million inhabitants.

The Golden State alone would be the eighth world economic power.

California is often mentioned as an example in the fight against global warming as it wants to decrease by 80 percent its greenhouse gases emissions by 2050, compared to 1990 levels. It is interesting to know how it plans to do so.

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