How you could read more from this website

Hello everybody ! If you are already a subscriber – by RSS or Email – of this website you might think this is enough to get great content. This is indeed nice, but you could get even more. Indeed, while browsing through the archives, I found great posts that are still worth reading, and this … Read more

Updated Facebook page

A little while ago I was stating that the Facebook page of this website had over a hundred fans that I was motivated to fix the page and allow posts to be published automatically on it.

As I had a day off work today I took the time to fix this. Thanks to RSS Graffiti, it was done quite quickly and effortlessly. Facebook fans now will receive all the articles of this website on their pages.

So if you like the articles I publish, please do not hesitate to share them with your friends and relatives and become a fan.

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Over a hundred Facebook fans !

Today I would like to thank you all for your continuous support and especially the 100 people who “fanned” this website on Facebook. This happens as I started the Facebook page of this website only four months ago…

What started in September with only close friends and acquaintances with mutual interest has grown as a global group savvy for sustainable development news and much more.

This motivates me to finding a way to share automatically my latest articles on the Facebook page. Indeed, doing it manually as I am right now is not the most practical way.

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