Climate change endangers Winter Olympics

Sochi 2014As you know, the Russian city of Sochi is the host of the Winter Olympics since Friday. According to a brand new study, this might be the right time as it is most probable the city won’t be able to do so in the future because of climate change.

According to the climatologists from the University of Waterloo, Canada : ” Only six of the previous Winter Olympics host cities will be cold enough to reliably host the Games by the end of this century if global warming projections prove accurate ”

Even artificial snow making won’t be enough to provide snow for Winter Olympics by mid-century if rising temperatures were to continue unabated.

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Protect our winters : ” get political, be vocal “

You might be familiar with the problem if you are an avid skier or snowboarder : the climate is getting warmer and warmer, thus reducing the possibilities of enjoying your favorite sports.

This led a pro snowboarder, Jeremy Jones, to start the Protect Our Winters campaign ” after having been turned away from areas that had once been ride-able and seeing resorts closed due to lack of snow.”

Their latest campaign – the POW SEVEN – is heralded by Grist as ” the best green action plan” they have ever seen. It indeed ask its followers to get political and be vocal.

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Record-breaking weather in America and Europe

This is getting truly worrying. To TreeHugger : “The first week of the new year has seen temperatures that are in some parts of the nation nearly 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) higher than average. Which is crazy. “ The situation on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean is similar as The Guardian notes : “The … Read more

Arctic sea ice sets new record low in 2011

This is not surprising as I was blogging about it two months ago. To TreeHugger : ” After several months of reporting near-record or record monthly levels of Arctic sea ice melting, German researchers now report that a new yearly record low has been set.” ” The area covered by Arctic sea ice has declined … Read more

Global weirding is already a reality in the USA

To the Huffington Post : ” Heavy rains, deep snowfalls, monster floods and killing droughts are signs of a “new normal” of extreme U.S. weather events fueled by climate change, scientists and government planners said on Wednesday. “It’s a new normal and I really do think that global weirding is the best way to describe … Read more

At long last a normal winter in the Arctic

To the Daily Green ” there’s more ice in the Arctic than at any time in recent years.” To the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) specialists March was particularly cold in the Arctic. As they note on their website : ” Ice extent was above normal in the Bering Sea and Baltic Sea, but … Read more

Lack of snow is endangering Winter Olympics

The next Winter Olympic games are beginning this week in Vancouver and snow is lacking and has to be either shipped or manufactured. Current high temperatures are to the AFP up to 10°C (50°F). After the air pollution issues being at the center of the Beijing Olympics two years ago, now climate is worrying organizators. … Read more

The Alps are endangered by climate change

The-AlpsTo the latest report of the European Environment Agency, climate change “poses a grave threat” to the snows of the Alps, and thus will decrease the amounts of water received by many rivers like the Danube, Rhine, Po and Rhone.

At the center of Europe the Alps – like the Himalayas are for Asia – are the water towers of the continent and play an important role for our environment, societies and economies.

Knowing how much the decreasing amounts of snow in the Alps would harm our agriculture, tourism industry and so on I hope our representatives will pledge to action in Copenhagen.

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Decreasing amounts of snow in the Himalayas

himalayaOne of the most worrying consequences of climate change is the decreasing amounts of snow. At the end of winters, snow melts and  thus brings water to billions people during the drier seasons.

Thus the snow of the Himalayas brings water to nearly 1.5 billion people, a quarter of Mankind. As climate change increases dramatically in Asia, there is less and less snow, and thus water.

Today’s article will bring you data on this fact and how the phenomenon is increasing. I wanted to investigate this after Al Gore’s speech in Poznan.

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