Policy makers: to create jobs, invest in cleantech

Ever since I created a Facebook page for this website, I have been sharing stuff from non governmental organizations. This allowed me to find a compelling image about an oft missed argument about cleantech : it creates lots of jobs. So to data gathered by 350.org, investing one million dollars would create 5 jobs in … Read more

Annual investements in cleantech reach a trillion

MoneyIf you believe that cleantech is just a fad, you should read this : ” Private investors are putting almost $1 trillion annually into green businesses and technologies, bringing the total invested worldwide since 2007 to $3.6 trillion

‘ (…) Ethical Markets expects the $1 trillion annual pace of investments to continue into 2020. Germany, Japan and the US lead in private green investments and China, Brazil and India lead among emerging nations. ”

Given the current general lack of commitment towards mitigating the brunt of climate change one can be sure that these investments will only increase as temperatures increase.

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The Third Industrial Revolution

the third industrial revolutionHere is my review of The Third Industrial Revolution, by Jeremy Rifkin. After reading the 300 pages I daresay this book provides us a vision and a narrative to achieve it. Here are the five pillars of this revolution :

1. Shifting to renewable energy ; 2. Converting buildings into power plants 3. Hydrogen and other energy storage technology ; 4. Smart grid technology ; 5. Plug in, electric, hybrid, and fuel cell based transportation.

I quite enjoyed the two first parts where the author describe the world we are currently living in and how the second industrial revolution is coming to an end as our whole system is burning up.

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$260 billion were invested in Cleantech in 2011

Remember my post on how a trillion had been invested in cleantech ? Well, the trend is accelerating as $260 billion (approx. 200 billion euros) were invested in 2011 alone as Bloomberg New Energy Finance reported.

So, everything wasn’t so bad last year and especially not for the United States, which reclaimed their leadership from China in this sector. This was a first since 2008. What would happen if the US Governement was backing cleantech ?

America invested $56 billion and China $47 billion.  Global investments in solar grew by 36 percent to reach $137 billion in 2011.

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One trillion dollars has been invested in cleantech

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a trillion dollars – that’s a thousand billion, or 748 billion euros – has been invested in renewable energies, energy efficiency and smart energy technologies since 2004. As stated in the article : ” Annual clean energy investment has risen nearly five-fold, from $52bn (39 billion euros) in 2004 … Read more

European Union to invest one trillion on energy

To the AFP (via Grist) : ” The European Union’s energy chief Wednesday unveiled an ambitious 10-year trillion-euro energy investment plan for a single E.U. energy network to cut fossil fuel imports and fight climate change.”

On its way to cut its emissions by 20 percent by 2020 and increase the share of renewables to 20 percent of the energy mix by 2020 it is likely to fail at decreasing its energy consumption by 2020 unless drastic actions are taken.

This massive plan is due to reach this goal, which could save the 27 country members up to 78 billion euros per year by 2020 and create a million green jobs. Can Europe solve the triple crisis ?

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