Would you subscribe to a weekly newsletter ?

Hello all. After proposing you to subscribe by RSS via Feedburner ; by Email ; and to follow this website by Twitter and last but not least on Facebook, I am just wondering if you would be interested by a weekly newsletter. It would feature all this blog articles from the week plus extra stuff… Continue reading Would you subscribe to a weekly newsletter ?

How you could read more from this website

Hello everybody ! If you are already a subscriber – by RSS or Email – of this website you might think this is enough to get great content. This is indeed nice, but you could get even more. Indeed, while browsing through the archives, I found great posts that are still worth reading, and this… Continue reading How you could read more from this website

Over 200 subscribers !

Good news everyone ! What begun as a personal project to show my dedication to sustainability and energy issues is now gathering over two hundreds subscribers via RSS and Email ! It took me a little less than three years to gather 100 and a year and a half to gather a hundred more. We… Continue reading Over 200 subscribers !

Updated Facebook page

A little while ago I was stating that the Facebook page of this website had over a hundred fans that I was motivated to fix the page and allow posts to be published automatically on it. As I had a day off work today I took the time to fix this. Thanks to RSS Graffiti,… Continue reading Updated Facebook page

Thank you all !

For my 700th post I would like to thank you all of you who subscribed by RSS or by Email as last week I have reached over a hundred subscribers on average. For those who haven’t subscribed yet you may be interested to learn what is RSS. After a very slow start in 2007, things… Continue reading Thank you all !

Please update your RSS feed readers

My dear subscribers, on February 28 traditional Feedburner feeds addresses won’t work anymore. This means that you have to update to the new feed address to keep reading this blog’s posts. Most luckily it will take you only a few seconds to subscribe to the new RSS feed – http://feeds2.feedburner.com/SustainableDevelopmentAndMuchMore – You just have to… Continue reading Please update your RSS feed readers

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New features : RSS of comments, Twitter and Flickr

After my last post on this blog’s design, I continued to work on improving it. This time the changes take place in the sidebar where I propose you now new cool features. From the possibility to read the latest comments and subscribe to their RSS. I also added my Twitter and my photos on Flickr… Continue reading New features : RSS of comments, Twitter and Flickr

Improved design and RSS

For the past two evenings I have been working on improving the design and RSS syndication of this blog. It was done with the invaluable help of Max from the Blog Tool Box. Many things were done to improve your browsing experience of this website. This includes making it easier for you to subscribe to… Continue reading Improved design and RSS

Improved RSS syndication

I added last week a new feature to this website. This will enable you to keep reading this blog more easily. These three buttons which are now located in the Meta section of the sidebar under the line RSS feeds. If you are using a particular RSS reader like Netvibes or Google you can now… Continue reading Improved RSS syndication