How US companies are going solar massively

This week I am starting a ten-month series based on articles I wrote for my Operations classes for my MBA at Presidio Graduate School. Hope you will like this series !

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Grid parity for solar PV is already here in 105 countries

I have already noted quite a few times in the past month that grid parity is slowly but surely approaching. What if it were already the case ? To the Applied Materials blog and REneweconomy it is already here in over a hundred countries. Yes, solar photovoltaic installed on rooftops is now cheaper than electricity … Read more

Painting roofs white

Sometimes the simplest solutions can have huge impacts. Indeed, painting dark roofs white can decrease by up to a fifth  buildings air conditioning use. Generalized globally, this could make a big difference.

Scientists at the Concordia University estimated that painting one percent of the world’s urban surfaces white could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 130 gigatons over the next 50-100 years.

Additionally, the White Roof Project estimates that painting all of the world’s rooftops white by 2030 could save enough emissions to equal the world’s carbon output in 2010.

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