Global actions against coal

As renewable energies such as wind power and solar are becoming more and more competitive and as climate gets weirder and warmer, opposition to coal grows fiercer and more global. Think Progress has a compelling article on how plans to build coal fired plants are thwarted by local grassroots movements which do not want air, … Read more

700 million people in a huge blackout in India

The increasing number of air conditioning appliances – and overall electricity demand – in India had presumably a huge consequence as yesterday, 600 million people went without electricity for several hours.

As the New York Times noted :The world’s largest blackout ever crippled roughly half of India for a second consecutive day on Tuesday, sending officials scrambling for an explanation. “

” The power failure spread across 22 of the country’s 28 states, an area whose population is nearly 700 million, almost 10 percent of the world’s population.

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It is high time to end fossil fuels subsidies

A thousand billion dollars, or if you prefer, a trillion dollar. This is the staggering amount of money you and I are handing out to Big Fossil fuel companies each year by the mean of governmental subsidies.

At a time of climate weirding and warming, massive pollutions of our air, water and soil, massive unemployment and of a huge debt crisis, this is more than enraging.

Even more when one knows that real solutions like renewable energies benefit from a sixth of this money. It is time to turn the situation around and end fossil fuel subsidies.

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India to add 30 GW of renewables by 2017

India is willing to increase significantly its clean energy output as it is willing to reach 53 GW by 2017. In the next five years it will add almost 30 GW, to be compared to the 13 GW added to the grids in the last five years. As Bloomberg notes : ” to add 15,000 … Read more

Cleantech is the next great investment opportunity

Even today too many people are still believing that cleantech isn’t making financial sense. Some others think that we the current crisis, we can’t spend money on futilities. Here is a post that could make them change their minds. The Green Market Blog collected forecasts and the prospects are enthusing as “ the global market … Read more

EU countries could pay back their debts With renewables

” What if the European Union solved the triple crisis – economy, energy, environment – by solving the financial one ? Alice Stollmeyer sent me last week a link of project to do just that. “ ” Some European nations – Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal – are owing more and more money to the European … Read more

RGGI slashes emissions in northern US states

Do you remember my enthusiastic post last year on a US “cap-and-invest” program, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (or RGGI) ? Well, it seems that it worked really well. To Climate Progress, the power sector of the nine participating states have slashed its emissions by 23 percent in only three years thanks to the decreased … Read more

Another solar efficiency record : 43.5 %

As Treehugger reported last week, the Japanese company Sharp has broken another record : 43.5 percent of efficiency, to be compared with their previous record, 36.9% efficiency which had been reached in November 2011. Typical solar panels in the market today still have around 15 or 20 percent of efficiciency. But research is breaking records … Read more

Germany breaks another solar PV record

The sunny – and hot, and dry – weather witnessed by Europe lately has one good point : Germany broke all records of solar photovoltaic generation with as much as 22 GWh. As Cleantechies reported :

” that amount of electricity fed into the national grid on Saturday (May 26) met around 50 percent of the country’s electricity needs. That is the same as 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity. “

” (…) At the same time of the year last year Germany was producing 14 GW per hour. Its total installed capacity is 26 GW. “

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