Poland could halve coal consumption by 2030

Here comes another article for Cleantechies, this time focusing on a problem plaguing many nations, coal. This fossil fuels does indeed provides a large part of the electricity there. Here is the introduction : ” Poland – as many East European nations – relies very heavily on coal as 90 percent of its electricity comes … Read more

Death, devastation and climate discussions

Death and devastation in the Philippines Today’s two main topics are closely related, and this albeit they are taking place thousands of kilometers apart. The first one is of course the Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda that left death and devastation in its wake in the Philippines.

To CNN, the Guardian and many other sources, at least 10,000 people have perished. As I write these lines, hundreds of thousands people are now seeking food, water and refuge in the Philippines.

The UN World Food Programme states that at least 4.5 million people have been affected. Haiyan is reported to be likely the largest storm to ever hit land. Until the next…

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The Czech Republic bets heavily on nuclear

To the Huffington Post : ” Defying growing global skepticism over the use of atomic energy, (the Czech Republic) is planning to dramatically increase the country’s nuclear power production.

” (…) Other former Soviet bloc nations, now in the European Union, are following the Czechs’ lead on nuclear power – reflecting diverging economic needs between east and west. ”

” Slovakia is currently building more nuclear facilities. And Poland has engaged in talks with firms about know-how and technology for its first nuclear installation to be completed by 2030.

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Poland and Lithuania are thinking about nuclear

While the decisions of both Germany and Switzerland to stop using nuclear made headlines, little has been written about Poland ‘s thinking about building two nuclear reactors, which would be build by GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy.

The reactors could go online in 2020 if an agreement was signed in 2014. The capacity would reach 3,000 MW. The country relies on highly polluting coal for 94 percent of its electricity to date. (source)

As its electricity consumption is due to increase over the next decades significantly, and as something has to be done on climate change, it is willing to diversify its energy sources.

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European forests are growing

According to Terra Daily : ” Europe’s forests have expanded over the past 20 years and are thus absorbing more carbon dioxide, a report published in Oslo Tuesday showed, offering some good news in the battle to limit climate change. ”

” According to the report published during a ministerial conference on the protection of Europe’s forests, the continent, including Russian territory, today counts 1.02 billion hectares of forest, accounting for about a quarter of the world’s woods. ”

“Over the last 20 years, the forest area has expanded in all European regions and has gained 0.8 million hectares each year,” reads the report, entitled “State of Europe’s Forests 2011”.

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The top 10 coal-burning countries

We all know it : coal is by far the most greenhouse gases emitting energy source. It is also a major air pollutant. For these two reasons it is the environmental enemy #1. (cf The Economist’s cover, back to 2002)

However, many countries like China, India, Germany or the United States are still relying importantly on this solution to generate their electricity, and some of them to astronomic proportions.

TreeHugger recently published a list of the ten countries that burn coal the most according to the data provided by the US Department of Energy (DoE).

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Why the Poznan conference is a disappointment

poznanThe Poznan conference on climate change ended on Saturday. Due to prepare the Copenhagen meeting – which will bring to light the successor of the Kyoto Protocol – it is a major disappointment.

Poor countries are the least satisfied with the results of the talks as developed nations are stepping back concerning the financial aides they first were willing to give.

Environmental NGOs like the WWF aren’t satisfied either and everybody is looking forward to knowing what the new US President will do on this very topic.

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Eastern European countries are plagued by coal

Coal is by far the most polluting and most greenhouse gases energy source. We have seen that China has became the world’s most CO2 emitting country because of this.

But did you know that much nearer to us, Eastern European countries like Poland are plagued by the massive use of coal, which is the origin of acid rains (cf. map on the left).

The Financial Times (not exactly a newspaper on environmentalism) reported on how coal might be a huge problem for these countries.

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