India goes forward on cleantech at high speed

We have seen recently that China is going full speed ahead on cleantech and climate change. Well, India is set on not staying behind either. Here are some news I collected recently.

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” Plant, baby, plant ” a reminder

In 2012 I wrote a series of articles about planting trees. Given how this simple action solves heaps of problems – such as climate change and air pollution – in both the countryside and in our cities I believe we should make it a priority. If you believe these are words from a treehugging enthusiast, read … Read more

” Plant, baby, plant ” Episode 3 : Plant for the Planet

Plant for the planetThis is the third and final part of my ” Plant, baby, plant “.  After delving on agroforestry and urban forestry and their respective merits, I am finishing with the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign and its successor.

After reading the first two articles, you might be more than willing to plant trees. It is time for you to join Plant for the Planet Foundation, the global organization succeeding to the Billion Tree Campaign.

This have been since its beginning in 2006 a tremendous success as each times goals had been set, they had been exceeded.

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