From parking lots to parks

For this new chapter of my life – studying for my MBA in Sustainable Business at Pinchot University – I am living next to a parking lot and I have been wondering if the owners could just plant a few trees to make it look better. 

Trees capture particulate pollution

Air pollution kills a lot of people around the world and the situation in some Chinese cities has become nothing short of unbreathable. Meanwhile, we have seen in my series ” Plant, baby, plant “ that trees can solve many related problems. To a new study from Lancaster University, trees can absorb half of particulates,… Continue reading Trees capture particulate pollution

Australia is getting hotter, Beijing more irrespirable

Last week two events caught my attention in the Asia Pacific region as they show that our climate is warming and our air is deteriorating. Both events look unrelated at first but aren’t as fossil fuels are in both cases the culprit. The first one was the horrendous fires and temperatures witnessed in Australia. The… Continue reading Australia is getting hotter, Beijing more irrespirable