Europe goes fast forward on climate

Over the past few weeks I collected a series of news on how the European Union is going fast forward on climate change. One can expect emissions will keep on decreasing in the near future, and this albeit the fact they are already 23 percent below their 1990 levels

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The huge cost of traffic congestion

Cleantech and sustainability is not only about energy efficiency and renewables, it is also about how we move around. So my latest piece for Cleantechies is about traffic congestion. Here is the introduction : ” According to a new study carried out by the English Centre of Economics and Business, traffic congestion in the United … Read more

Paris introduces EV-sharing program

To Ecogeek :  ” Paris has introduced plans for a city-wide EV car-sharing network that will operate much like its successful Velib bike-sharing system.  The car-sharing program will begin on December 5 with 250 EVs available. “ ” The system will allow to pick up and drop off the cars at different locations as long … Read more

Why – good – public transportation matters

I could say a lot of bad things about public transportation in Paris : they’re noisy, smelly, dirty, overcrowded in peak hours and not exactly cheap and most of all, not reliable at all. But they slashed my CO2 emissions by almost 10 kg per day.

So, according to the RATP, during the eight months of my mission I avoided emitting 1,400 kilograms of carbon dioxide. And taking the subway was way cheaper than owning, fueling, insuring and parking a car in Paris.

When I remember all the cars idling in traffic while I went or came back from work as I was reading the many books I read since January, I can’t but appreciate public transportation.

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Do computers outpace cars as vehicle of self-expression ?

As a young urbanite, I don’t own a car. Indeed, cars are very expensive nowadays – with oil costing more than 1.50 euro per liter, or $8 a gallon – and public transportation make it quite easy to ditch your car in Paris.

However, I own a computer. I believe it is making a statement about me as I carefully chose each component and assembled them all by myself.  I now have a silent and nice computer that consumes little energy on my desk at home.

Even if I wouldn’t turn down an offer for a Ford Gran Torino (pictured above, ala Starsky and Hutch) or a 1970 Mustang (sorry for the clichés), I don’t need a car, I don’t want a car.

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Looking for new employment opportunities

Hello all. As my current mission as a Marketing and Communications Assistant at ESSEC Business School will end in May I am again seeking employment in the sustainability and cleantech sectors. Of course I am looking more broadly for a position where my strong international management acumen and languages competencies will be of use. Currently … Read more

Film review : The Borrower Arrietty

I watched this weekend the latest film from the Studio Ghibli : Arrietty, also known as The Borrower Arrietty. As usual with productions from the Studio Ghibli there was great pictures and scenery, awesome music as well as an excellent story.

But what I particularly like with this film is the reason I loved the Studio Ghibli’s previous productions like My Neighbour Totoro, Mononoke Hime and of course Nausicaä is the environmental message.

Living in harmony with Nature and others, satisfying oneself with few things and many other key environmental messages are part of the film and for this I strongly recommend it to you all.

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Report on the French Grenelle after three years

For my latest article on CleanTechies I decided to go back to writing on my home country, France, and this for a good reason. It had been three months I hadn’t done so. Here is the introduction : ” The French Round Table on sustainability known as the Grenelle de l’Environnement is now three years … Read more

Siemens’ European Green City Index

Europe is often considered at the forefront of the environmental scene as the EU keeps working on energy efficiency, renewables, biodiversity and other related issues. However not all countries are equal and so are their capital cities.

Siemens published a study – the European Green City Index – which “measures and rates the environmental performance of 30 leading cities from 30 European countries, as well as their commitment to reducing their environmental impact.”

The study evaluates the 30 cities in eight categories: CO2 emissions, energy, buildings, transportation, water and air quality, waste and land use and finally environmental governance.

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Great astrophotographies – April 2010

This is time for me to present my selection of the best pictures of the NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). As always, this month was packed with beautiful images. It was difficult to select just ten. To the NASA, today’s picture :

“Venus and Mercury were imaged next to the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. A careful inspection of the image will further reveal that the bright object nearly below Venus is iconic Eiffel Tower.”

I am absolutely still amazed at how many splendors can be seen at night. I just hope we may find a way to make our nights darker so more people can see them.

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