Climate change endangers Winter Olympics

Sochi 2014As you know, the Russian city of Sochi is the host of the Winter Olympics since Friday. According to a brand new study, this might be the right time as it is most probable the city won’t be able to do so in the future because of climate change.

According to the climatologists from the University of Waterloo, Canada : ” Only six of the previous Winter Olympics host cities will be cold enough to reliably host the Games by the end of this century if global warming projections prove accurate ”

Even artificial snow making won’t be enough to provide snow for Winter Olympics by mid-century if rising temperatures were to continue unabated.

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Lack of snow is endangering Winter Olympics

The next Winter Olympic games are beginning this week in Vancouver and snow is lacking and has to be either shipped or manufactured. Current high temperatures are to the AFP up to 10°C (50°F). After the air pollution issues being at the center of the Beijing Olympics two years ago, now climate is worrying organizators. … Read more

Beijing Olympics and the fear of bad air quality

After the algae bloom come the worries on Beijing’s air quality. To improve this, the local government took a drastic measure : cars will be allowed to drive on alternate days.

This measure is due to decrease by up to 60 percent the pollution of the 3.3 million cars of the city. Meanwhile, new subway and bus lines were opened.

Will all these measures be enough for athletes to have a good air quality ? It is to be hoped as many eyes worldwide will look at China’s efforts on pollution.

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The Olympic Games, an occasion for China to go green

Last week, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) published a report on the greening of the Olympic Games that will be held next summer in Beijing, China.

This event is an occasion for the local government to become more aware of sustainable development-related issues such as pollution or waste management.

A very good news as what is beginning now in Beijing might spread to all China afterwards. I propose you here some excerpts of the UNEP report below.

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