Wind power progresses in Northern Europe, slash coal use

Scientific American recently published an article on how coal and gas fired plants are closing in Northern Europe as wind power progresses and cut electricity prices. This trend has repercussions in Baltic countries.

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Tapping into local renewables : the Côte d’Opale

Wind turbines in BoulogneA couple of weeks ago I went to Boulogne sur Mer and visited the marvellous Côte d’Opale. I had two great summer days between Boulogne and Calais and strongly recommend this little trip if you are looking for enchanting places.

A thing that struck me there is the quantity of wind there is almost all the time. If the Côte d’Azur could and should benefit from solar energies (photovoltaic, thermal, concentrated), the Côte d’Opale should tap into its huge wind energy potential.

There are to date only four wind turbines in the harbour of Boulogne sur Mer (see photo). No doubt there could be many more.

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Is global warming causing a cold spring ?

Temperatures in northern Europe and parts of the United States are currently colder than average – see these articles from The Independant, Der Spiegel and the Washington Post. Given this, one can reasonably ask : Did the record Arctic melt triggered this cold winter ? To climatologists, it seems likely as previous studies have shown. … Read more

Nordic countries are committed to climate action

Northern Europe under ice and snowIn the last few days Nordic countries have been making the climate headlines twice and both moves are interesting and show a real commitment towards slashing emissions and increasing sustainbility.

The first move was done by Finland as the country is willing to purely and simply abandon using coal by 2025. This energy source is accounting for around 11 percent of its electricity generation. (compared to around a third in EU27)

The second move came from Norway as it will double the carbon tax paid by its local oil companies to help developping nations cope with climate change

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Norway to cut its emissions by 40 percent

Snow in NorwayAfter the United Kingdom which pledged to cut its greenhouse gases emissions by 34 percent by 2020 and Japan by 25 percent, Norway is another country to pledge to drastic emissions cuts.

Meanwhile, the European Union still clings to cuts from 20 to 30 percent if other major emitters join them. It would be nice if our elected representatives increased their efforts on this most important matter.

More and more countries – including , and – are acting more on climate change. It’s time some richer nations follow their example and answer the call of endangered nations.

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