Carbon Capture and Storage is still nowhere to happen

A recent article in the New York Times recently outlined the massive problems of one of the key CCS project in the United States. The plant is still not online and is way over costs.

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Is China growing too big to breathe ?

I really appreciate reading Thomas L Friedman’s articles in the New York Times. His latest piece – Too Big to Breathe? – just nails it on how putting economic growth before anything else is endangering us all. There the acclaimed author of Hot, Flat and Crowded writes about how Harbin – a 10-million inhabitants city in China … Read more

Thomas Friedman on the necessity of the carbon tax

Thomas L FriedmanI am a huge New York Times’ fan. I have been reading this newspaper for at least a decade. This is why I was particularly shocked when their management decided to stop their Green blog. Despite this, they keep on publishing great articles.

Like their editorial on why President Obama has to say no the Keystone Pipeline (another great opinion piece if you ask me) or Thomas Friedman’s articles. His latest one was just fantastic.

Friedman explains why we really need a carbon tax as it could solve literally all our main problems. The article also provides an interesting historical outlook.

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