India and China go full speed against climate change

While the United States are wondering what will happen next on climate change mitigation in their country, both India and China have recently unvealed very ambitious targets to fight local air pollution and global climate change.

How companies can tap into energy efficiency’s vast potential

For the third part of this series on utilities, and after tackling solar and power purchasing agreements (PPAs), I am going to delve into how companies save energy through efficiency.

Book review : the Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

I had this book on my reading list for two years as it is at the crossroads of my previous education in international management and my new one in sustainability. So I took the opportunity of my break between quarters to actually read this one.

Citigroup to invest 100 billion in cleantech

Yes, you read that right, it’s billion, with a B, like a thousand million… Now this is further proof that cleantech and renewables DO make sense financially. Otherwise, why would such a bank invests so much in them ?

Income inequalities : Oxfam has solutions

Last week I wrote on how to both the United Nations and Oxfam, income inequalities are at an all time high and growing. If the UN shows that some trends are going in the right direction, this could end soon. Too little people have too much money and vice versa. In the United States, the… Continue reading Income inequalities : Oxfam has solutions

Fossil fuel subsidies are as high as ever

To Desmogblog : ” The exact worth of massive global fossil fuel subsidies is incredibly hard to figure. There’s no real consistency in the definitions of subsidies, or how they should be calculated. “ ” As a result, estimates of global subsidy support for fossil fuels vary widely. According to a new analysis by the Worldwatch… Continue reading Fossil fuel subsidies are as high as ever

Divestment reaches large investors

According to the New York Times and Reuters, more than a dozen large foundations representing more than $2 billion  (around 1.48 billion euros) in assets will stop investing in fossil fuels, just as the World Bank and the United Nations advise. To Reuters : ” The Divest-Invest Philanthropy coalition includes foundations, such as the Park… Continue reading Divestment reaches large investors

A trillion dollar a year in cleantech is needed

A thousand billion dollars, this the kind of money we need to invest every year to keep the world from warming more than two degrees Celsius, according to the UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, quoting IEA figures. In an interview with the Guardian, she stated that investments in clean technologies have to at least triple… Continue reading A trillion dollar a year in cleantech is needed

Cleantech investments decreased again in 2013

I had noted last year that cleantech investments had decreased from their peak of  $317.9 billion in 2011 to reach $286.2 billion in 2012. 2013 was an even worse year as total investments reached only $254 billion. To Bloomberg New Energy Finance : ” The reduced volume of investment in 2013 reflected two influences, a continued sharp… Continue reading Cleantech investments decreased again in 2013

How companies could save money and our climate

According to a brilliant report published in 2013 by the WWF : ” The US corporate sector, excluding utilities, could capture up to US$190 billion in net savings in 2020 alone by reducing energy related emissions by 3.2 percent each year on average. “ ” Between 2010 and 2020, the US corporate sector can unlock… Continue reading How companies could save money and our climate

Buenos Aires switches to LED lights, saves money

The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, have switched its 125,000 streetlights to LED. This will cut energy consumption by half and will last five times longer. With 13 million inhabitants, it is the second largest city in South America. To TreeHugger : ” That’s just one city. It’s estimated that if cities around the… Continue reading Buenos Aires switches to LED lights, saves money