Peugeot to introduce Hybrid Air car

The Peugeot Hybrid AirYour next car could run on air (and gas). The French carmaker Peugeot is working on a vehicle that could run partially on air. Highly efficient, the car will be doing approximately 2.9 liters for 100 kms or 81 MPG.

As the New York Times, the Guardian and Le Figaro [Fr] reported, the Hybrid Air combines a hydraulic drive that recovers energy each time the car brakes or decelerates as well as a conventional thermal engine.

These models would be ideal for urban driving. Due to be sold as early as 2016, it would be cheaper -and more efficient in city driving – than a Toyota Prius.

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US Government raise cars average fuel economy

As GreenTech Media notes : ” President Obama and leaders from major automakers today heralded an agreement to raise the average fuel economy for light trucks and cars to 54.5 miles per gallon.” (Today they are at 28.3 MPG.)

 –$1.7 trillion. (around 1,200 billion euros) That’s the estimated amount of money that Americans will save from 2011 through 2025 on gas because of the new rules, the White House estimates. “

I believe this is a good thing but I am still not satisfied. Indeed, American cars consume to date much more than their European and Japanese counterparts.

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Mixed feelings about the new US mileage

Is this the end for SUVs ?Yesterday were announced by President Obama the new mileage requirements for US vehicles. This is important as they hadn’t changed for decades. The average mileage will reach 35.5 MPG by 2016 compared to roughly 25 nowadays.

This seems to be a lot but it isn’t when one knows that European cars will be required to get 47 MPG by 2012. I was thus previously stating that American cars should get 50 MPG by 2015.

In any case, this will save huge amounts of oil and of greenhouse gases emissions. It is also believed it will open the way to more on climate change mitigation in the United States.

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Solutions to cut US dependance on foreign oil

suv I came across interesting data last week : Americans consume more than two times more oil per capita than Europeans. As we will see, this can be explained by three factors.

Bringing oil consumption per capita to European levels would enable the USA to be independent from foreign oil, save a lot of money, create millions of jobs, prevent massive climate change and preserve the environment.

Luckily President Obama’s administration is working on increasing both the mileage of vehicles and the use of high speed rail to overcome the current economic downturn.

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