Now a sustainable MBA graduate, for hire !

It has been two months without me publishing anything, but, having completed my Master of Business Administration from Presidio Graduate School with specializations in sustainable energy and finance, I am now for hire. Here is a brief recap of what I have been up to lately:

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Book review : Conscious Capitalism

I just finished reading another stellar read, a book that should be on the reading lists of everyone either working or studying Business nowadays. Conscious Capitalism was written by Raj Sisodia and John Mackey, the co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, a very successful company.

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Seeking new challenges

After a year of working as Quality and Communications Manager I am again out seeking new challenges as I was made redundant for economic reasons. (This company is depending from the European auto industry)

This one-year experience was for me the opportunity to work in both communications and quality certification ( ISO 9001:2008 ), two domains where I already had some strong experience.

So I am now seeking any mission in Marketing, Quality and Communications no only in France but also in Europe or all around the world.

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A new job, a new life and new challenges

Dear visitors, readers and subscribers I would like to announce you that I am starting as of today a new life with a new job in a completely different kind of place. I have indeed left the bustling life of Paris for the calm of the countryside. I have been hired by a Belgian company … Read more

Book review : Environmental strategy and sustainable development

While looking for a new book in the shelves of the ESSEC Business School’s learning center, I found this one. With such a promising and current title, little was I doubting that it was written more than 15 years ago.

Indeed, published little after the Rio summit, the author – Richard Welford – outlines what he subtitled the corporate challenge for the 21st century. This couldn’t be more true today…

Despite being much shorter than books I reviewed until now, it is full with useful information on many subjects.

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Book review : The Sustainable MBA

Here is another book review as I just finished The Sustainable MBA, by Giselle Weybrecht. Albeit I believe it is a great book and am strongly recommending it, I don’t feel like I learned a lot.

But this might be explained by two facts : 1. I graduated very recently (2006) from a Master in Management from a top Business School – Audencia Nantes ; 2. I have been delving in sustainability for now seven years. (now for hire)

I still recommend this book to any person who would like to get involved in a greener business and anyone who would like to green his or her current job.

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Cleantech : 2001-2010 and 2010-2020

Cleantechnica got another interesting article, this time on what the past ten years meant to cleantech and what the next ten years could bring. The occasion is given by Clean Edge’s market research.

” With growth rates like seen in the telephone industry (…) during comparable revolutions, clean energy options like solar and wind have been growing tremendously in recent years.

Indeed, renewable energies like solar and wind have huge potentials as we have seen previously. Today’s article is due to give us more figures…

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Looking for new employment opportunities

Hello all. As my current mission as a Marketing and Communications Assistant at ESSEC Business School will end in May I am again seeking employment in the sustainability and cleantech sectors. Of course I am looking more broadly for a position where my strong international management acumen and languages competencies will be of use. Currently … Read more

Renewables market worth $600 billion by 2015

Renewable energy sources are progressively going from the fringe to the mainstream. Indeed, to the IEA they may provide as much electricity to the grids than coal by 2035. Now, here is a market study that provides further evidence : ” According to the new market research report ‘Global Renewable Energy Market Outlook (2008 – … Read more

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