Electric buses are a solution to our cities’ worst problems

A lot of news and noise surround electric cars but another vehicle is also benefitting largely from elecrification: buses. Running not for just a little bit in the morning and in the evening, they run all day, and sometimes, even part of the night. Tranporting not just one or two people to work at a … Read more

The huge cost of traffic congestion

Cleantech and sustainability is not only about energy efficiency and renewables, it is also about how we move around. So my latest piece for Cleantechies is about traffic congestion. Here is the introduction : ” According to a new study carried out by the English Centre of Economics and Business, traffic congestion in the United … Read more

Wood is reaching new heights in buildings

What if we used wood as a construction material for high buildings ? Given how many trees we are planting to fight climate change, we are not going to lack from it any time soon if we manage it sustainably.

Back to June the New York Times published an interesting article on how this is done in London where a company built a nine-story building using mostly cross-laminated timber, or CLT.

And this is only the beginning as soon construction made from wood could sprout all around the world. CLT is indeed much more fire-resistant than common wooden material.

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United Kingdom is committed to offshore wind

To Enerzine [Fr] the world largest offshore wind farm has gone online in the Irish sea. Walney 2 has a capacity of 367,2 MW, enough to power 320,000 British households. It was also the fastest ever installation. The farm will however quickly lose its title to other projects set to come online in the United … Read more

UK considers High Speed Rail project

UK-high-speed-rail-projectHigh speed rail is a fantastic sustainable alternative to cars and planes for longer distances. This is why countries such as Spain, China or the United States are currently working or plan to work on such projects.

Due to halve the time necessary to link by train the capital to cities like Edinburg, Glasgow or Manchester, the £34bn ($55bn or 38bn €) project would build 1,500 miles (2,400 km) of tracks by 2020.

An interesting feature of this project is that it would complete the European High speed rail network  in a great way.

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Climate change is the biggest health threat

According to a new report published by the University College London and The Lancet medical journal climate change is the biggest health threat of our century. As an author of the report said to the Daily Mail: ‘The big message of this report is that climate change is a health issue affecting billions of people, … Read more

On environmental issues at the G20

Group photo of the G20 meeting in LondonThe 20 leading countries in terms of economy – aka the G20 – met today in London and little was said about environmental issues. This is a problem as the Group’s population accounts for 2/3 of the total and 85 percent of the GDP.

This appears quite well by reading TreeHugger and George Monbiot’s article in the Guardian with a quite pessimistic view on the apparent lack of concerns of the G20 for these problems.

But as we will see, not all hope as gone as thanks to President Obama many of these countries will meet later this month in Washington DC to discuss solely of these issues.

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